10 Must-Have Gapps (Google Apps) For Your Android Device

10 Must-Have Gapps (Google Apps) For Your Android Device

Top 10 All-Time Best Gapps

Hey, guys worm welcome to Zandroid. It’s Shaym Here. Today I will talk about some must-have rarely used official Gapps (google apps) which are very useful for an Android User. So Heres I will put a list of 10 google apps and introduce them shorty about their working process. You must remember the list is not according to the Rank of these Google Apps. This is just manually created by me. So Here we go.

Google Drive1. Google Drive

Yes, the first one is google drive. Pretty much everyone knows about this google apps. Nowadays it comes as a bloatware (Pre Installed) in most of the Android Devices. Google Drive Provides you 15 GB of free cloud storage in which you can upload any content like music, videos, games, documents, software and other files secure. You just have to remember you Gmail Sign in properties (such as mail id & password) to get access all of your files anywhere from any devices in the world.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Duo2. Google Duo

Do You video call to your neighbors? Then why to use some other apps whenever Google itself providing their video calling app? Yes, Google Duo is a Video calling apps for Android created by Google itself. You just need to install and sign up to into that. As this is a lightweight app you can simply download this application from the below link.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

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Google News3. Google News

what to say further? Are you still using any other news application on your Android? If so then it’s gonna be funny whereas Google itself has their news application and freely available on Play store. You can simply read daily news through this application and hugely this has got over 1 Billion Downloads on Playstore.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Youtube GO4. Youtube Go

Youtube Go is another version of the Youtube app created by Google to watch videos offline and to share with others. You can simply save any youtube video to watch it offline later. So rather than using any other youtube downloader, you can simply go for Youtube Go app which Google recommends to the user to save youtube videos without any hassle.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Keep5. Google Keep

Google Keep is a very useful instant note app created by Google. This also has a web version to use it through the web. The web version link is https://keep.google.com. But first, you will need to sign in before inserting your data in Google Keep app & your saved data is accessible through the app and web too. And this one also has 100 Million Downloads on Playstore with 4.4 user rating out of 5.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Assistant6. Google Assistant

Google Assistant, a virtual assistant app powered by artificial intelligence and created by Google. As this is available for smartphone and also for the smart home devices. Google Assistant is available for Android, iOS & KaiOS operating system. The Special feature is this can handle two way-conversation at a one time. This can support so many languages over the world.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Chrome7. Google Chrome

One of the most popular apps is Google Chrome probably everyone uses. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by the Google. This was first released in 2008 and it’s now available pretty much for every Operating system. This is one of the best web Browser in all of the Browsers like Firefox, Safari & Opera. I have seen in reality so many of user installed other browsers in their Android device but for these people, I will recommend using Google Chrome as you are surfing Google’s Search Results then why don’t stick with Google’s Browser?

Download Link: Click Here to Download

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Google Earth8. Google Earth

Google earth represents a 3D view of the world based on satellite images. Thus You can view the whole earth from any angle and zoom it. You can discover the 3D terrain of the entire globe and also the buildings among the 100 of cities. Pretty much this app is excellent to view the realistic images, you can find your home, zoom it then you can go for 360° view with the street view and explore the world from a new point. Finally, an excellent and cool app for the kids to get them the imagination of the universe.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Goggles9. Google Goggles

Google Goggles is cool Gapps that you can search for any picture in this app and it will provide you the information about the pictures. And not only pictures it can also scan QR code, Barcode and search into the database to provide the useful information about the code. Goggles can also read English, French, Italian, German, Russian or etc languages and translate it into other languages. This can also solve the sudoku puzzle, recognize the famous landmark, find the similar products, recognize the famous paints or etc.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

Google Doc10. Google Docs

Google Doc is pretty much like documents editor for Android. You can create any document in the .doc format and edit any documents if you want or created documents by Microsoft office. This app also has a web version (link https://doc.google.com) and as usual, this is also available for Android, iOS, Windows etc. Since you can download through the given link.

Download Link: Click Here to Download

The Verdict

So Above I have discussed all the most popular Google Apps for Android which you must need to install on your Android I think. These 10 Apps perform 10 type of job on your Android. You may be using some similar other Apps instead of these Gapps. So Finally I will recommend using Google’s Product to have the best experience in any particular job. These Gapps are top & best in terms of service than any other Apps.

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