3 Most Popular Apps To Root Android Devices


Hey, guys welcome back once again to Zandroid. So Today I am writing about some popular apps to root Android devices easily. There are so many complex ways too but I will share some best Apps to do it super easy. So without wasting time lets just jump into the discussion.

Root Android Devices – The Best Apps

So, first of all, I’m going to say rooting your Android device may void your phone’s warranty. Before Proceeding, make sure you agree with the condition otherwise it’s better not to try out. Everything is at your own risk I am not responsible for anything happens with your device. So why to root Android?

Because there is soo many advantages to have a rooted Android Devices & several disadvantages too. I will discuss everything separately in my next article. Here I will just talk about Apps which will help your out to root Android.

1. King Rootroot android with king root

King Root is a very popular root application for Android from soo many times. You may remember that one single app can’t root all type of Android device or all brands. Because these root applications work on some particular Android devices & don’t work on some other devices. Since most of the devices can be rooted with the King Root app & that’s for why King Root can hold No 1 Position. Rooting percentage is 80% of all devices.

How to Root Android By King Root?

  • Just Simply Install it on your phone (Download Link Below)
  • Open it
  • Tap on “Get Now” button
  • It will ask for the permission
  • Rooting process will start by allowing the permission
  • Whole Process Percentage will visible

King Root used to be on Playstore but recently it’s not available on Playstore may be for some reason But you can still get it from their official website, given below.

Download King Root: https://www.kingroot

2. iRootroot android with iroot

I personally never used iRoot even so many users are still rooting by iRoot. iRoot is also a great app, can root also so many Android devices. It’s freely available on Play store. After rooting by iRoot it gets a strong control on RAM and CPU to perform it better and more efficiently.

iRoot Rooting Process

  • Install the App from the Play store (Download Link is Below)
  • Simply Click on “Get Root Now
  • The Rooting Process will start
  • Wait until it completes

iRoot also supports most of the Android devices. If you failed to root your Android with other Apps then you must try out iRoot for Once.

Download iRoot: Click here to Download

3. Kingo Rootroot android with kingo root

So you never should mix Kingo Root with King Root because both Apps are different. No one is available on Playstore just you have to go to their official website to download these root app. Several devices are rooted with Kingo Root App. You can check out by clicking here and search for your device to see the rooting method.

Kingo Root Rooting Process

  • Download the App (Link is Below)
  • Install it on your phone
  • Open it
  • & Just click on “One Click Root
  • Your Rooting Process will start

This is one another great App, supports several devices. You can check out the list of these Android devices Here.

The Verdict

There is soo many Android Root tool available on the internet but none of these are so helpful. I mean to say none of these will ensure you an initial success in rooting. Above I have put some most popular & exclusive Apps which are rated by the user and have the ability to root most of the devices. Remember a rooting failed may damage your hardware so Choose the best possible root apps with the highest success rate.


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