5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Zandroid. Today I will talk about 5 things you should not do with your smartphone. So we probably do so many mistakes while operating our smartphone. These mistakes can lead your phone damaged or make it vulnerable. Creating a secure environment is a responsibility for everyone. As the Internet became scam nowadays, scammers are everywhere. Hence you must put effort or look after you Android security which is most vulnerable. So below I have discussed some basic thing which you should not do or perform with your smartphone to keep your Data secure.

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone

1. Not Updating Your Android Smartphone

I have seen so many people do not update apps they use one version for the lifetime. It’s a funny thing even also some noobs can be observed in 2018. Okay so I am not insulting them, I have seen so many of them don’t have time to cover up these pending jobs. You should not do that you must keep your Android Smartphone up to date with all the apps. You must care for it and also regularly check your Android version for update.

New update of any app can bring some new feature or fixed bug or upgrade the security patches. So you should not often face any issue later.

2. Fake Applications

Another big problem is fake applications. We often install fake applications even currently Playstore becomes a huge place for spammers. You often see some apps on Playstore or some games which have epic catchy thumbnail but doesn’t work at all. These apps are just created just for installs and showing adds. Currently, you can see some adds play videos and there is no option for skipping it. These are most irritating adds you will ever face.

So you must stay away from installing these type of apps which can harm your smartphone’s health & also effect on your internet bill.

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone

3. Root Your Phone

Yes, now it’s about rooting your Android smartphone. Many people used to root their smartphone to unlock more features or flashing their Android device. But if you have some serious security issue then you must not root your Android Smartphone. Because rooting your Android will break your Android security and it will more vulnerable.

Rooting gives some advantages on Android device too but it’s not good for your Android. If you want to keep your smartphone more healthy then you must avoid rooting your Android phone.

4. Using Battery Saver

Of course, you ever listen to this thing. So the battery saver is not good for your phone’s health. You can find so many Battery Saver Application by searching on Playstore but none of these saves your phone’s battery actually. Let me explain you this stuff.

First of all these types of apps have some cool User Interface that you will fall in love. These apps keep killing running apps on your phone & it will be on for the whole time. This shows battery charging percentage with some quality animations. Thus these apps eat battery soo much while processing these jobs & run some background service, kills your Phone’s battery ultimately.

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone

5. Installing 3rd Party Apps

You never install any 3rd party apps from any other sources. Yes, thus your device can be vulnerable easily. You can find your required apps on Playstore but don’t go for any other source to install. As other sources are not really trusted so virus, malware, or ransomware can be included with these apps and you will install it. Then your phone will start hanging problem & battery start draining so faster. Thus you will open Amazon and search your phone and put the comment “The worst phone I would ever have”

So most of the time users have faults when they predict that their phone has started hanging problem or draining the battery so faster or device working automatically or my device is eating internet soo much or etc.

The Verdict

At least I will say only one thing that above I have discussed all the possible reason that happens easily with your devices. You must stay far from these things happen with your smartphone. So it’s your responsibility to keep your smartphone safe and secure always & also save from data theft.

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