6 Reasons That Why You Should Move to Linux

Linux Operating System

Hey guys! What’s up! So a few days ago I introduced a little bit about the Linux Operating System. & Today I came with a detail note about Linux. If you don’t know much more about this Operating system then just don’t worry I will just push it into your brain through my this Article. Basically, I will demystify some exact 6 reasons to move back to Linux from Windows. There is lots of difference between Windows & Linux Operating System. I am just starting from the scratch if you never experienced a Linux desktop. So let’s get started.

Whats Linux Actually?

Hope you yet get the answer by reading my above introductions. Linux is nothing just a Computer Operating System like Windows. This Operating System is developed using so many different computer languages like C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, C# etc. If you ever browsed the materials for building a website or software or operating system then you should probably familiar with these languages. If you haven’t experienced Linux desktop before then you can install it or run live on your pc through bootable USB or DVD. Follow this video.

6 Reasons That Why You Should Move to Linux

1. Terminal

Windows has Command Prompt (CMD) & in Linux, it was named as Terminal. But the Terminal is more powerful than cmd ever. You can operate your whole job through the terminal like copy-paste-move, download, upload, update, delete etc. Moreover, you can manage your server through terminal.

linux terminal

Linux Terminal is Also called as Linux console. If you like command line interface & want to stay connected with your computer with just keyboard & screen then you must go & taste it.

2. Desktop Environments

Finally, in Linux, there are tons of desktop environments are available to download. If you are using Ubuntu you can simply download other desktop environments on your machine & use it. Changing Desktop Environments will change your menu, bar, font, effects, files etc & it’s a pretty cool thing that you will not have on Windows. If you are stuck with the Windows 10 default then there’s no way to switch to another one.

Some type of user exists who love to modify these stuff like me I superly love Linux as well far better than windows. Some of the best desktop environments are Deepin, Unity, Cinnamon, Xfce etc.

3. Free Available

For the Original Windows or Genuine version, you wanna have to buy Windows whereas Linux is completely freely available on the internet. Yes, you will select one Linux distro & go to their website & directly download it. but there are some little funda to install it if you are completely new. There are lots of Linux Distributions are available & it’s not possible to give the link of every single one rather I am just putting some links of famous Linux distro, you can go & check out.

Linux Operating System List to Download

4. No Virus/Malware

Yes, you heard it right. There is no virus or malware for Linux Operating System. It’s fully secured & you just don’t need to use any 3rd Party Anti-virus on your Linux Desktop. Like in windows you can install only .exe or .msi file but in Linux, there is no any specific file format to be installed like you can install .deb, .sh, .md etc files. Installing any software is a little bit more difficult like you won’t have GUI method to install rather you need to run it through Terminal. You need to know about the Linux Commands to execute these actions.

Linus Virus

One more major difference is in Windows if you logged in as administrator then you can access any corner of your PC but in Linux, you cannot even copy & paste one directory to another without granting root permission with the password. This proves how much secure is this OS in terms of windows.

5. Animations & Effects

You will have full customization control in Linux like you can even change your window animation, window effects, animation speed etc. So You are not gonna get stuck with the default one like the windows operating system has. You can even change your window animation style like MacOS style, which looks super cool. Changing Animations is not a default option as you just need to install unity tweak tool (If you are on Ubuntu) for it.

Linux Animation and effects

6. Themes, Fonts & Extension

There is the sea of themes available for Linux on Gnome-Look.org. It’s super easy to change themes & fonts. Go to that website and download any themes you like to use. Here is a tutorial video for changing themes on Linux.

Also, You can even change your font with anyone you like. Just browse to Google Fonts and pick up your desired font. You can change font through the tweak tool which you need to install from the Ubuntu Store. Also, you can change the font size anytime from the tweak tool.

The Verdict

So here I have put some features which are only available for the Linux. If you find these are useful and can be a secondary option then you should go & tryout it for once. I even personally use Ubuntu and Windows 10 both, have installed on my hard disk & I can run anyone Whenever I want. In the next article, I will write on the effects of having 2 Operating system installed on one machine. If your question is does it effect on the hard disk or on the machine having two Operating system installed? I would say Yes it does.

If you Google it there are so many Genious will answer you no it doesn’t but I personally experienced it & It puts little bit more Pressure on the hard disk.

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