8 Top PUBG Facts Which You Don’t Know

8 Top PUBG Facts Which You Don't Know

Hy All Welcome again. Pretty much everyone nowadays is playing PUBG. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown Battleground. So today I will talk about 8 top PUBG facts that you will get shocked. Yes, there’s a lot of secret about PUBG that people don’t know about. So here I will break down all the facts about this popular game. I will share my experience from both I mean PC & Mobile. If you are reading my post then you must know about PUBG basics so I will talk about some further topics only.

8 Top PUBG Facts Which You Don’t Know

1. Unique Features

There are some unique features that make PUBG more Popular. Text chatting is common is every online game but you didn’t have Voice Chatting in Android Game before & this makes this game more popular. Now just not Windows Gamers can have voice chat as Android has too. Especially you can talk to your team in this game and follow them to jump together.

Another unique feature of this game is multiplayer. Yes, before launching this game only Windows/Mac gamers can able to play FPS (First Person Shooter) game in an online server but you have this feature in PUBG, makes this game more advanced.


2. Lags

If you play this game then you can feel that this has some lags whether you have experience for PC or Mobile. The reason for this lag is maybe game developer did some error coding or something else. You will also face these problems if you have a high-end PC or Mobile & in the future, this can be improved I think.

3. Pubg Lite

Size of this game is too high 1.5GB & not playable in a budget phone that’s why Tencent has released a lite version of this game. The size of this game is 200MB only & also playable in a low budget smartphone.

To Download PUBG Lite

4. Highest Record

As this game released on March 2017, has broken the all the record of top-level Android games. Once this game has hit a record of 13 Lakh Player was live and was playing the game at the same time. This is the highest amount of players who were live in an Android game.

5. BOT Players

Yes, you will be shocked to listen that this game has some bot players. If you play PUBG from so many times then you will find that this game has some bot player. These bot player don’t have any weapon if these bot players see any player they just start running. So these bot players are added to decrease the difficulty of this game. Human players are clever they just hide behind trees or other model and use a sniper to shoot. So thus the difficulty of this game could be high and except the expert gamers, a general player could not enjoy this that much. That’s for why some bot players are included to decrease the difficulty of this game.


6. Sales

Another fact is the sale. This game was sold 2 Million copy in just one month from Steam. So this is one the biggest record in the gaming world. You can imagine how much popular is this game.

7. 3rd Cinematic Gameplay

Another cool fact is you can record PUBG gameplay in 3rd Cinematic. Yes, this is another cool feature that this game has. You want to show your gameplay to your friends or you have any youtube channel in which you upload gameplay videos then this feature is going to work for you & this is another fact that so many of you don’t know.

8. No Advertisement

Another cool fact of this Android game is they have put zero investment to promote this game in the market. The game company did not invest any money to promote this game. Through this game become popular by just people to people & youtube. People played this game record gameplay and put on youtube & youtube user watched it and started playing. Thus it’s getting more popular day by day.

The Verdict

So at least we broke down the 8 facts about PUBG mobile game as this is getting more popular in India and also other countries. You must check system requirements to play this game on PC & for mobile you can just download. For PC you will need to purchase it from steam or you can buy it from Amazon too.

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