Do RAM Really Speed Up Your Android or Windows?

what do ram do actually

Hy Guys what is up? This is Shyam Here & today I am going to talk about the RAM of Android devices. For the few days, I was busy in some work & today having some time I am writing this. So this is not gonna be a huge Article as well I will just clear some misconceptions that people have about RAM. Also, I have seen so many people who just believe in RAM which increase the Speed of Android. So here I will break down all the thing about RAM, Processor & GPU like what they actually do & which stuffs are depended on what. So let’s get started.

Before I talk further I wanna say you guys the purpose of writing on such a generic topic. Yes, this is a generic topic like in 2018 nobody needs to know about RAM whereas everyone is busy playing PUBG. So I got this topic because of my elder brother. My brother used to do a job & he is not like an expert on technical things like he doesn’t have that much of senses about software & hardware. So he bought a Dell Laptop for 39,500 INR or $548 himself from an offline shop. I found the hardware configuration of that laptop is low quality & wasn’t a $548 laptop. With it runs Windows 10 very laggy even is has an i3 processor.


So I contact with the shopkeeper about that issue & their expert told me it has 4GB of RAM & it cannot be laggy. Anyhow, I couldn’t make him understand that it has 2.0 GHz Core i3 Processor.

A processor which even cannot process Photoshop & Microsoft office. It takes so much time to open these Softwares. & the argument ended up with his line that a 4GB RAM laptop cannot lag anyway. So the same thing for Android too.

What does RAM do Actually?

Well, when some ask what do RAM do actually then the answer is it helps to speed up device but it’s not actually the reason of Speed. Yes like an example you are super talented & brilliant but you have no power in your body then what you can do? You actually can do nothing. Same thing for this if you have 16GB of ram & you have a very poor quality single core processor then it also can do nothing. Combination of both things is required to have good performance. RAM is actually a memory chip which works 1000x much faster than your hard disk or your memory. It helps anything to visual on screen & it also helps in the multi-touch skin.


If you put a program on your Android or PC first of all your Processor will solve it then give output to RAM. As I told before RAM’s read-write speed is super high so it instantly takes the output data & shows you. It happens in just microseconds if you have high-end devices. Thus if your processor is very poor quality then it will take time to solve the program and you will think like “What the f**k is doing these 16GB RAM? Why this f**king PC is working slow?”

One more example, suppose you put a program on your device and its taking time to solve like 10-15 sec. In this time you are thinking why this is not working so you again click on it & it creates one pending job for your processor as its already working on a program & you are putting more. In such a way, your device stops working or hangs. After a moment when it completes all its job then you can see opening so many windows or output data at once on your device.

What GPU Does?

Okay Now, let’s talk about GPU. GPU actually stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It just helps to process Graphics, 3D animations or windows effect. In specific it just helps to appear anything on the screen with its resources. So the GPU’s working factor is very specific. Finally, if you want to have a good pc then you must choose a good quality graphics cards. I will write a separate article on GPU & talk further as this Article is only based on RAM’s topic so I am not going to take GPU in more details except the basics.


The Verdict

Hope you thought is cleared if you had. & I think I make it clear about the RAM. Later I will write more on GPU & CPU about people’s misconceptions & thoughts. So if you feel my article give some good information please comment below. & Thankq for staying with me. See you again.

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