Grammarly For Android & iOS has Launched Finally


Hi Guys! If you are an article writer or ebook writer then you should probably know about the Grammarly. If you don’t then I should introduce that Grammarly was first launched as a Chrome Extension. This thing corrects any misspelt word written by you & show the suggestions to correct it. It’s pretty cool if you are weak in English spelling like me as it will help you out in correction. I am using it also while writing this Article. For the windows, it comes with a separate software which you need to install to get Grammarly work in Microsoft Office or Other Text Writing.

So that was the only Introduction to Grammarly who doesn’t know more about it’s working technique. If you already know you can skip the first paragraph. Hence the reason behind this Article is to get you Grammarly on your Android or iOS, anything you may use.

Grammarly For Android & iOS has Launched Finally

Before proceeding to the installation process I would say Grammarly thoughts are different for the Android or iOS. You just wanna install Grammarly Mobile Keyboard from the Play store to set it up. Yes, It comes as a keyboard for Android. If you wanna enjoy it & experience then you would have to leave Gboard or Swift Key app rather. Click here to install it from Play store.

  1. Click on the Above Download link & install it on your Android Phone

Grammarly Screenshot 1

2. After Opening It a Screen like This will Pop Up. You can sign in with Google or Facebook or You can log in to your existing account if you have already created.

Grammarly Screenshot 2

3. Now just need to set up it as your regular keyboard.

Grammarly Screenshot 1 Grammarly Screenshot 4










The Verdict

As my experience its pretty cool but not that much type of cool as it irritates so much while correcting any spelling. But If you are weak in English Spelling then I say you should check out this for one time even. Or if you have never experienced then you must. The keyboard layout comes with two default theme white & black.

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