How to Choose a Perfect Computer Operating System?

computer operating system

Hy Everyone today I will talk about choosing a computer operating system which would be perfect for you according to your job. So that’s what the topic for today. Hope this will help you out & give you the best option. Before I start I wanna make sure that there are a lot more Operating Systems are available in the market. Among themselves, Windows is the most popular one that has installed over 1 Billion computers in the world. There are several reasons for Windows to be more popular than other Computer Operating System. So before installing another OS or changing your OS, you need to ensure your job first.

Documentary & Data Entry

If you work in a company & your job is related to data entry or documenting then you can go for Windows or Mac or Linux. Because these Operating Systems has a huge support in making documents or data entry work. As in Windows, Microsoft Office tools are set for you, In Mac, you can also have Microsoft Office tools or Libre Office which also works great as well & In Linux, you will have preinstalled Libre Office. Libre Office is an optional tool with all the Office Suites & it comes free of cost. You can also download it for your Windows.

I am using Ubuntu (a Linux Distribution) for last 2 years & I have got huge knowledge about it. I will write a separate article on Ubuntu about its feature & working factor.

linux operating system

Video Editing & Graphics Designing

There are so many people used to work on video editing or graphics designing. Both of these jobs require a massive powerful Computer with powerful CPU & Graphics Card. In such case, Windows or Mac would be perfect to get your job done. As we all know Windows has lots of Video Editing software like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro etc. These are some super popular editing software used by many YouTubers to edit their videos. Thus Windows is more popular having such huge support & optional editing stuff. There are also some premium quality Video Editing software comes for Mac like iMovie, Avidemux, OpenShot etc. Apple’s MacBook is built with some super advanced hardware which boosts up the video editing time more than Windows PC.

For the Graphics Designing, you can choose Windows or Mac both because most of the popular Graphics Designing software is designed for the Windows & Mac specially. I even have some friends who are working in this field & they specially prefer Windows as there are so many free & paid tools are available for it & you can work with any of them according to your requirements.

Programming & Hacking

Programmers & Hackers are super talented they even don’t require any recommendations to choose Computer Operating System perfectly based on their job. There is only one System which works perfectly for them & its Linux. Linux is just made for only these dudes. Most of the Linux distro comes with all the preinstalled tools which suites for programmers & hackers. But Currently, people are also using Windows or Mac for Programming as these OS are giving support on this basis.

windows operator

When it comes to Hacking then there is only one OS is the father of all time & that is Kali Linux. Some advanced hackers use Backbox or more stuff but Kali Linux is the most common of every hacker. It has all the preinstalled hacking tool which are designed for the beginner to advanced type of users.


Least is gaming. Gaming is one of the most important things for every PC user. If you want to enjoy gaming on your PC then only one System to save your hobby is Windows. Almost every game released for windows first as the amount of windows users are high so the gaming companies target these high amounts of users field to sell their copies. Also, most of the world’s popular games like GTA-V, CoD, Counter-Strike, Far Cry, BattleField etc are built for the Windows only. So the last word is Gaming means Windows Computer Operating System.

The Verdict

So I only put a basic idea about choosing a computer operating system for your pc. These are some idea based on some particular passion or you can say Job. Rather it’s up to you that which you like to operate most & suitable for your pc. It doesn’t matter wheater you go according to your job or not you can simply choose the other ones if you are passionate with that one.

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