Latest Android Version Android 9 Just Released

Latest Android Version Android 9 Just Released

So at least Android 9.0 is released. Currently, this upgrade is available only for Google Pixel Devices like Pixel, Pixel 2XL etc.  You have to lot more to get this upgrade for your device if you are not using any Google Pixel Device. Even Android 8.0 upgrade has not be released officially for most of the devices & in that way Android 9 is knocking. So let’s find out the features available on this OS. So let’s talk about more of this latest Android version.

Name of the Latest Android Version

Yes, the name of the latest Android version is Android Pie. Before releasing some people named it Android P but the official name was out as Android Pie after launching. Let’s take a look of whole Android series.

Version Name Android Version
Donut Android 1.6
Eclair Android 2.1
Froyo Android 2.2
Gingerbread Android 2.3
Honeycomb Android 3.0
Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0
Jelly Bean Android 4.1
KitKat Android 4.4
Lolipop Android 5.0
Marshmallow Android 6.0
Nougat Android 7.0
Oreo Android 8.0
Pie Android 9.0

1. Dashboard

It’s easy to pass time when you are watching youtube, playing games or browsing. Thus Google introduced a bunch of features which will give you control to use your smartphone. There will be a “Dashboard” which will show the phone usage data of like which apps you used for how many times. This will show

  • The time you spent on which app.
  • Everyday how many time you spent with your device.
  • How many times you unlocked your screen lock.
  • The number of notifications you received.
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2. App Timer

You will get to see an app timer which can be used to set a limited time for an app to be used. When it will come to end instantly you will get notification of the time up. So this will save your time more effectively.

3. Battery

Adaptive Battery:  This feature uses the machine learning to understand which apps you are going to use in the next few hours and do spend battery on these apps which are as important for you.

 Adaptive Brightness: So another new feature which is adaptive brightness, reminds your last brightness level and integrate automatically as a time to time.

4. Notifications

Since the latest Android version comes with some several changes with the notifications. Now you can have smart replies in the notifications so you can send back by just one tap. Also, you can manage your notifications for specific apps. Also, you can see some major changes on the notification bar which are now carded and corners are slightly rounded.

5. Bluetooth Devices

Good news for you if you are on the latest Android version Android 9. Now you can connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices with your device and you can also control each of them manually. Isn’t great? Not only that you can select the different volume for each one. Receiving the incoming calls can audible to all of the connected devices. Thus you will never miss a single call. Also, this remembers the last volume you used to each Bluetooth device and later you will get the same volume for that particular Bluetooth device.

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6. Other Features

So not only these the latest Android version Android Pie comes with tons of more features. Below I have pointed out some useful features.

  • Slices: A snippet of your favourite apps
  • Rotations: Rotate your device any time ever where rotation is locked.
  • App Actions: Will Predict what are you going to use next.
  • Screenshot: Take screenshot easily and edit it instantly.
  • Volume Controls: Volume control interface changed.
  • HD Audio: Audio Quality improved.

The Verdict

So after discussing all the features which are available on Android Pie I can say that you will have a Google Pixel or wait more time to get Android Pie to upgrade for your smartphone. Hence Android Pie is the latest Android Version of all time.

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