Some Best & Popular Linux Games for Linux Machine.

Linux gaming

Hy guys whats up! today I am going to talking about the gaming on Linux like How to game on a Linux Machine. So There are tiny people in the world use Linux as their main Operating System. Linux is used by such kind of people who are a developer, software designer, hacker or programmer. Gaming on Linux is not as much popular as on Windows or PS4. In this post, I will be talking about the Linux Gaming Ultimate Method.

How to Game on Linux Computer?

There are several popular games can be playable on Linux. I don’t know how much that you can get but you would have a good gaming experience on Linux too.

Steam Games

Steam is available for Linux on Store. If you are a gamer then you should have played at least a steam game. Steam is nothing just a Platform made by valve corporation to purchase and play video games. You can have steam installed on your Linux Machine to enjoy the steam games like Windows. There are lots of steam games are super popular as on Windows and PS4. Counter-Strike, Dota, Minecraft & lots of other popular games are available on steam.

Linux Games

You can just simply download Steam for The Store or you can go through this link to download stem on your PC.

GOG is one another platform to play games on Linux. This is similar like Steam, You can purchase any game you like & install it on your system. GOG is only a web-based application as Steam is on software based. You just wanna create an account here and purchase any game & will be added it into your account. Now you need to download it through your local browser and install it on your system. You can download a game anytime you want.


Gamedrift is one another website where you can find lots games for Linux. The game will come with all the dependencies and you need to visit their official website to download & install. Some of the games are paid & some of them are freely available.

Run Windows Software on Linux

So the last question is can you run windows software on your Linux machine. The Answer is yes. There is a software called “WineHQ” which can run a number of Windows Software in Linux. You can install it on Your Ubuntu or Mint machine very easily.

Linux Games

The Verdict

So above I have discussed some possible way to enjoy Linux Games on your Linux Machine. There are also several websites where you can find out more Linux games. In my opinion, Steam is the best option to go where you could enjoy some hardcore games as I mentioned above & also some free games are available. Steam is freely available on the Linux Store or you can download it from their official website.

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