Some Popular Distribution of Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System

hey, guys what’s up! today I will be talking about some popular distribution of the Linux operating system. I have already introduced to Linux OS before so you should not have any more queries about Linux os. If you still have only a little bit idea or don’t know much more about the Linux operating system then you can go & check out the previous article.

Some Popular Distribution of Linux Operating System

Windows has only some numbers of the operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 & Windows 10. There are a lot more which are not used in today’s computer like Windows XP, Vista etc. So whenever you are on Windows you only have a few numbers of choice to change your operating system but if you are on Linux you have a huge amount of Distribution & Desktop Environments for you. You can just go with anyone you like. I love Ubuntu & I am using it for the last 2 years.

So here I will show you some numbers of Popular Linux Operating System which is super popular & has the highest user rating.

1. Linux Mint

I have installed Linux mint 2 times on my PC. This comes with Cinamon desktop environment which looks super cool & faster. Linux Mint is the most popular distro of Linux operating system. Most of the Linux fan use this one. You will have all the tool installed in Linux Mint like Terminal, Libre Office, Firefox Browser, nautilus etc.

Linux Operating System Linux Mint

Mint was launched many times ago & this is one of the old Linux OS. You will have the menu on the left side & you will find taskbar with icons there. Moreover, you can customize your desktop using some beautiful themes. Check out the store of Linux themes The is the main reason why I love Linux OS more than Windows.

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is another most popular Linux Operating System that most people use. This is used by so many users over the world. Ubuntu is another old Linux Destro which was launched about 2004. This is an open source operating system based on Debian. Ubuntu with unity desktop environments is super famous that most of the Ubuntu user use.

Linux operating system ubuntu

Pretty Much every Ubuntu lover uses Unity desktop environments which also can be modified & make look like MacOS. You should check out once & you will fall in love.

3. Fedora

Fedora is another Linux based open source operating system. This was released on 2003 & created by community-supported Fedora project & sponsored by Fedora Red Hat.

Linux Operating System Fedora

4. Elementary OS

Elementary OS is the best looking Linux operating system based on Ubuntu. It makes you feel using Mac. I personally never experienced an Elementary OS but it looks pretty cool and unique. You will have a dock like Mac & also Notification panel is designed in Mac style. You can check out the screenshots below.

Linux OS Elementary OS

5. Xfce

Xfce is one another popular Linux OS. This is mainly for those users who have that much amount of graphics. xfce is simply a lightweight Linux operating system for those people. You haven’t that much amount of graphics & you want to use Linux OS then this one is for you. You can check out the installation video here.

6. Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux another beautiful & one of the popular Linux operating system. Simple design, easy GUI make you feel far better. You can also enjoy Deeping desktop environment if you have another Linux OS installed on your system. Just follow up this article

Linux Operating System Manjaro

The Verdict

So I have given a short description on some Linux operating system. I only bring some popular OS here also you can go & check out the other Linux operating system. There are lots of Linux OSs are made for some particular work. Some OS is for Programmer, Some OS is for hackers & also some OS is for official use. You can go and install whichever you want to finish your job.

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