Some Unique Myths About Facebook Video Monetization

The Unique Myths about Facebook Video Monetization

Hy folks whats up? Today I will talk about the Facebook Video Monetization which was announced on 29th August from Facebook. Some new monetization rules were included & I will talk further about that. Now you can earn by posting videos on Facebook too. You just don’t need any Google Adsense approval like Youtube or else stuff. You just wanna fill all the simple rules to get the ad break in your videos. So let’s take a look on requirements and rules for the monetization.

Some Unique Myths About Facebook Video Monetization

If you post videos on youtube then you probably know about the earning ratio of users and the advertiser which is 55:45. Facebook is also with the same rules as youtube, announced to maintain the ratio of 55:45. About 1 year ago Facebook launched the video monetization as a testing campaign in only 4 countries but recently Facebook announces to launch this worldwide. On the 1st September as 1st stage, this will be launched for 22 counties over the world and later it will be applied to the remaining countries.

facebook video monetization rules

Facebook also put some eligibility criteria for the Monetization as Youtube has. You can check the eligibility whether you are able to earn from facebook or not. So there are a lot of rules to be filled up to get the monetization active on your videos.

Rules to Appear Ads on Your Videos

  • First of all, you need to have a Facebook Page which is mandatory. You cannot post videos through your profile to earn rather you will need to have a page. You can post videos on your page which will be monetized.
  • Facebook puts some rules on video’s length to be monetized as well as you will need to upload a minimum 3 minutes video to appear the ad break. If your video is less than 3 minutes then it will not be monetized & advertisement won’t appear on such videos.
  • As Youtube Monetization, you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers, Facebook has also applied some tricky rules on followers similarly. You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers or likes on your facebook page. If you don’t have then Facebook video monetization can’t be applied for your videos.
  • And the least and tuff one rule is you will need to have minimum 30,000 views on your videos. Yes, as for Youtube 4000 watch hours is required similarly on Facebook requires 30,000 views. Another myth on views which is 1 view will be counted whenever a user watches your video for the 1-minute minimum. If a user watches your video for 59 seconds then it will not be counted as 1 view.

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Facebook Video Monetization

The Verdict

Finally, Facebook puts some tricky & more hard rules to be applied for the Ad break. I personally don’t know how the earning can be through Facebook but I think firstly it will be enough higher than Youtube or later it can be decreased because of the users. One thing is Facebook has a lot more audience than Youtube so the CPC likely to cheaper I think. Later as it will come to action everything will get clear & now just to wait.

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