Some Unknown Facts About Chrome OS

chrome os

Hello People! Almost Everyone in the world is aware of Chrome Browser but only a tiny people know about an Operating System which is known as ‘Chrome OS’. I will be talking about further about this operating system and also some feature & how it can be useful for you or what kind of work can be done through this Operating System. First of all Chrome OS isn’t any New Operating System as it launched in 2009 by Google Itself. The Latest Version of this Operating System is 67.0 & this is based on the Linux Kernel.

Some Unknown Facts About Chrome OS

Chrome OS is pretty different than any other operating system. Google Chrome is an entire operating system like no windows no mac os no Linux or anything. You just turn on your computer & boom, Google Chrome turns on, that’s it. Chrome os is still too far into the feature. Chrome OS is so light and it boots within a seconds and puts Chrome browser in front of you. Its actually very secure and works super fast & you will have all the Google Apps installed like Gmail, Drive or other stuff.

chrome os

So you will have some apps because you can’t just stick with the browser forever. There is a Chrome App Store or called Chrome Web Store. You can simply install any apps from here according to your requirements. Meanwhile, it’s the Chrome Store where all the chrome extensions and themes are available.

Chromebook Features & Usability

There are lots of Samsung & Acer Chromebook is available which are very cheap and super fast. You can buy Chromebook to experience this Operating System or you can install it on your Desktop PC. But one thing a Chromebook cannot replace a Home Desktop because it’s still so ahead of many features & still people are not ready for the cloud environment fully. Gaming to important, Photo Editing is important & a lot more stuff documentary work or video editing which you cannot use in a Chromebook.

chrome os

  • There is no office available for the offline use either you need to use online Office.
  • You won’t have any photo editing application like Photoshop, GIMP or else.
  • You cannot store your data offline in your pc.
  • You cannot play any games on your Chromebook as there is no game still available.
  • You cannot run any kind of software or video editing for your work.

The Verdict

So finally I have discussed the available features about the Chrome Os and how its gonna help you out in your job or for what kind of job should it suite for. As you know this Operating System is still so far behind of revealing some interesting features. Anyway, I would not recommend anyone to buy a Chromebook or install Chrome OS in 2018 or 2019 as its too far behind from the generation.

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