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PUBG Mobile New Update – Zombie, Rickshaw & MK47 Added

PUBG Mobile is yet again coming with another new update with a bunch of other stuff. As Recently PUBG Mobile has launched Vikendi Global Map for...
Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy – Play PUBG Mobile on PC – Lag Fixed

So nowadays everyone plays Pubg mobile. I have seen people buying high specs smartphones just to play Pubg game. Well, the game has got...
Clash of Clans vs PUBG

PUBG vs Clash of Clans – The Epic Reality

Hy folks! What's up! Today it's about PUBG vs Clash of Clans. "Well, Whats? Are you f**king Idiot?" it seems like this to many of...
8 Top PUBG Facts Which You Don't Know

8 Top PUBG Facts Which You Don’t Know

Hy All Welcome again. Pretty much everyone nowadays is playing PUBG. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown Battleground. So today I will talk about 8 top PUBG...

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