The Best Solution of Using Pirated Windows Software

Pirated Windows

Hey guys! Today I talk about the risk of using pirated or cracked windows and software. There are lots of people who are using pirated windows without having a prior sense of its effect. So Microsoft manually researched to count the numbers of pirated users over the world. The number is huge for some countries like India has 85% which means 85% of newly bought PC comes with pirated windows in India. It’s 100% for South Koria, Malaysia & some other countries. So here in this article, I will be talking about the effects of using pirated windows & cracked software.

Risks of Using Pirated Windows & Softwares?

The original version of windows is pretty much expensive and people mostly never tent to buy this as they can download it free from the Internet. But wait, you should think twice before downloading it. Mostly pirated software comes with dangerous virus & malware included. This can harm your system and your data.

If you have a good antivirus installed on your pc then you are secure up to some steps but antivirus cannot scan some major parts of your operating system if there any backdoor or malware in your system. You can find out more information about backdoor here if you don’t know much.

pirated windows

An operating system is a software or called main software and you install some application software in it like Photoshop, Chrome, Steam etc. If your main system is infected then it’s easy to hijack your pc through the Backdoor. Hackers also use your computer power for cryptocurrency mining which also consumes a lot of power and CPU usage. As a result, it slows down your pc & you will face some system failure.

There are also lots of software is available on the internet which is paid and some of them are free. People just download the cracked version of the software to use without buying it. Thus their pc can be hacked and data can be looped as they are making vulnerability in their pc. Finally, you should never use pirated windows & cracked software if you are aware of your privacy or security.

Most importantly there is a solution for these people who want some paid software or service for free. Of course, that’s Linux.

The solution for the Pirated & Cracked Software

Linux is a freely available Operating System, you don’t need to pay anything to download it because it’s totally free. Linux can be an alternative option for the windows users who want more security and privacy as you all know there are no virus or malware in Linux exists. You can get any Linux OS installed on your PC. I am currently using Linux Mint which is a stable desktop also you can go for Fedora, Ubuntu which are also some great operating system.

pirated windows

Using Linux you get a stable operating system for home users with long-term support with the big community. You get all the required software free in Linux. So let’s find out some important apps in Linux which is freely available.

1. Browser

There are lots of browsers available for Linux Operating system like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Etc. Basically, you will never face any kind of issue related to the browser in Linux. Chromium is available preinstalled in some Linux distribution. Chromium is open source version of Google Chrome browser. Some people think that chromium is a local browser or a fake browser but this is not true at all. Chromium is open source version of Google Chrome browser which was made by Google himself. So you just don’t need to worry about that as it’s from Google Official.

2. Microsoft Office

So Microsoft office is one of the best tools for office work. You need to buy it on windows but How do you use it on Linux? Well, there is Libre Office tool available for Linux. Libre Office one of the best tool including all the office suites & its free, no need to pay anything to install it. Libre Office supports all the Office file format like .docx, .xls, .doc etc so you will not face any kind of problem using it.

Linux Operating System

This tool also includes some advance feature & you can instantly convert any documents file into pdf & it’s also available for windows for free. Check out here the official website to Download Libre Office.

3. Photoshop

Another big problem is How do you use Photoshop in Linux? Well, Linux will also give a solution for this. There is GIMP available for you. GIMP is optional software like Photoshop & it can be compared with it. GIMP has all the tools included like Photoshop. So the user will never face any kind of issue with it & one more thing its freely available in Linux Store. You just don’t need to pay anything to get activation key as its free and open source, available in Linux Store. GIMP is also available for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system. You can check out GIMP Here.

So there are also are lots of similar Application available for Linux like VLC Media Player, Virtual Box, Filezilla, Xampp and etc.

The Verdict

So Here I discussed some alternative of using pirated windows for a long time. If you are so conscious about your privacy or security then you should avoid this pirated software & operating system. You better move to Linux as it contains no viruses or malware and also has some best alternate software of windows.

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