Why is the Android Security is Important?

Android Security

Most of Android users are not aware of the Android security. They just don’t care anything happens with their device. They just want to use their device worthy. So here I will talk about some important tips to cover up your vulnerabilities. So also I will talk here about the effect of being a victim.

Android Security

Why Should You Aware of Android Security?

The reason behind this is being hacked. Yes, if you still take it easily & thinking noting can happen then its wrong. Recently over 1 Million devices were hacked in 2016 by the Ransomware attack of Russian hackers. So that’s why you should be safer before your data steal.

3rd Party Apps

As always I will say never install any 3rd party apps from any 3rd Party website, may include malware. You will see there’s soo many paid apps on play store, which you have to purchase but wait you can get it free too. Heres the question how can I get a paid app for free? Well, you can install that app from any 3rd Party website without paying anything.

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Before proceeding further to install a paid app for free think again that why these company or why these websites are providing these paid apps for free? These Dudes just buy the app or collect from somewhere & thy edit the APK file and put malware or virus etc. When you install and open that app means you are giving permissions to them to access your data. Now you will enjoy the app by helping the hacker to steal your data or giving permission to access your device.

Porn Website

So many of you do watch porn even I too but wait before accessing ensure your security first. Because Porn sites are the king of pushing malware into your device. Almost most of the porn site contains the malicious advertisement or open ad window automatically. I have seen some user search for porn app on play store. They are the biggest noob in 2018. You never go for such app as these are malicious, laggy, contain ads. So before accessing the porn website, you can use incognito browsing from Google Chrome or Private browsing from Firefox. Moreover, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access these type of websites.

Android Security

Data Transfer

Omg, your friend has downloaded “Avengers Infinity War” after two days of releasing?? You wanna get that movie very badly on your phone. You are using ShareIT or Xander App to transfer.

But Wait! First of all, make sure your friend’s device is fully secured or the content is fully ok otherwise don’t transfer any content from your friend’s device. Or don’t transfer any app from your friend’s device as your friend may plan to h-a-c-k your device by injecting the payload into an app (A Payload is a kind of malware or ransomware made by the Metasploit tool) or maybe your friends downloaded that movie from a malicious website & thus you can also become a victim as your friend so avoid file transferring or some pirated content to ensure your Android security you must avoid these actions.

The Verdict

So above I put all the possible reason to lose your access on your device. These are the main reason that the hacker uses to reach out more. So make sure you don’t attempt to do anything with your device or moreover ensure your security first before going to do anything illegal with your device. Next, I will write how it affects for the lack of Android Security.

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[…] Why is the Android Security is Important? […]