Why it’s not easy to root Xiaomi Device?

root xiaomi device

It’s not that easy to root xiaomi device. Well, If you are using Xiaomi’s device and you are trying to root it then probably you are failed for most of the time. Because you cannot directly root Xiaomi device & it’s not that easy. Well, I am not saying it’s not possible to root rather it’s so hard as there are some rules to maintain before rooting. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about that & also I will be talking about the rooting method of xiaomi device.

Why it’s not easy to root Xiaomi Device?

First of all rooting an Android device is not good for the phone’s health. If you are concern about your security or privacy then you must avoid rooting your device as it will make your phone more weak and vulnerable. You can check out this article Why to root Android Smartphone – The Pros & Cons.

Android KitKat & Lolipop devices used to be rooted very easily using some basic app like kingroot, kingoroot or iroot etc. But you cannot root xiaomi device with these apps as Xiaomi is putting hard effort to secure their operating system ultimately day by day. Nougat to Oreo and Oreo to Pie, Android is being more and more secure.

None of any Mobile brands officially support rooting their device & same for Xiaomi, they probably don’t. But in case of xiaomi they officially allow you to unlock the bootloader. You have to take permission to do it. Because before performing root you need to make sure you have the bootloader unlocked on your device & this is why it’s mandatory to take permission to unlock the bootloader as there are no other way that you can unofficially unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi device.

If your device is rooted then its very easy to modify the whole ROM and IMEI no also. Now If your rooted phone is stolen and you should forget about that device as you are never gonna get it back again. If your device is not rooted then it’s not possible probably to change IMEI or modify the device as Xiaomi has applied stick rules with every Mi phones. Now you are bit safe that the theft cannot play with your Xiaomi android device as you need to take permission to unlock bootloader & without unlocking bootloader Xiaomi device cannot be rooted.

How to Root Xiaomi Device then?

Well, it doesn’t mean that you cannot root Xiaomi device. Of course, you can but there are some rules. Rules are given below.

  • First of all, you do have a Mi-Account which is Mandatory.
  • Your device should be connected to the internet through the Sim card which is used to create the Mi Account.
  • You should have Find Device option On.
  • Never request to add your device again & again.
  • You need to have Developer Option enabled.
  • You need to maintain a stable relationship with Xiaomi, request over & over again result your device is in the spam list of Xiaomi’s database.

So above I have mentioned some process which is to maintain to get the bootloader unlocked officially. Well, there is no other unofficial way to do it even.

So How do you add your device?

  • First of all, enable Developer Option on your Xiaomi Device. Go to Setting>About Phone>tap 5 times on Build Number.

root xiaomi device

  • Go to Advance setting & at the bottom “Developer Option” appears.

root xiaomi device

  • After enabling the developer option you wanna go to OEM Unlocking Enabled. (by default it’s disabled always).

root xiaomi device

  • Next scroll & find out Bootloader unlocking option> click on it> & click on add my device to add your device.
  • Then this will show Your device has added successfully”.

The successfully simply says your device is added to their database & you can unlock your bootloader now. Now you need a Windows PC with USB Cable. Boot your device in fast boot mode and connect it with a USB Cable. Run the Xiaomi Unlocking Software and login into it. Then click on the Unlock Device.

Hopefully, your device will be unlocked successfully if you strictly follow every step. If you face any kind of problem then you can check out the below video to sort out.

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