Why Should Not You Buy Jio Phone 2?

Why Should Not You buy Jio Phone 2

Hy Guys What is up! As we all know Jio Phone 2 has already launched and flash sale is on. So here in this article, I will simply discuss why shouldn’t you buy this phone. There are several reasons about it & before you waste your 2,999 Rupees on it you must read out these facts about Jio phone 2. I will not say this is a bad phone just you should not buy rather I bring some exact reason on some basics. Jio Phone 1 was launched about 1 year ago & flash sale hold for it also & meanwhile it has become garbage for every mobile shop. So you just don’t worry to be sold out this product that you hurry to buy.

Why Should Not You Buy Jio Phone 2?


So the specifications of this phone are unchanged to the Jio Phone 1. This has also 2000 mAh battery, KaiOS Operating System & same all apps which are available on the No 1 model. No basic changes you can find here. Only the changes you can see here it has 2.4 Inch QVGA display and dual sim feature which was not available on the previous model. Otherwise, all specifications are the same as the other model. Anyway, I’m giving a short Specs to you too that you guys can remind.

Jio Phone 2

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Display 2.4 Inch
Battery 2000 mAh
Camera 2MP Back Camera
0.3MP Front Camera
Processor Dual Core 1 GHz
4G VoLTE Yes
Dual Sim Support Yes


So after seeing this table, you must get to know the special thing of Jio Phone 2 which is dual sim support. Yes, this supports dual sim but there is a condition that you must have one Jio Sim among those dual Sim otherwise you cannot use two different Sim without Jio sim. You can simply get a Jio Sim with another one.

Quality & Pricing

Reliance Jio improves the build quality slightly in Jio Phone 2. This comes with a Qwerty keypad with LED Flash. Whenever I look at this phone similar blackberry image comes to my mind. As blackberry Qwerty phone used to be like this before but I don’t think in 2018 market this phone would be a 2nd Choice of the people.

Jio Phone 2

I don’t think someone will pay 2,999 INR for this shit as there is no improvement made. Only dual Sim support & a Qwerty Keypad cannot increase the price to 2,999 INR from the first one. Its likely to make people dumb. If you are thinking to buy then just don’t go for it as it will not benefit you from any corners. Also, some YouTubers are spreading some fake news about WhatsApp & Youtube app is available for this phone but I will clear you there is no WhatsApp or Youtube app specially available for this version. Both of Jio Phone runs the same KaiOS operating system if WhatsApp releases then both of the devices will get the update, not a particular one.

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If I talk about the pricing of this phone then it’s surely so high as only for 2-3 changes you have to pay 1499 INR more (1500 + 1499 = 2999) rather you just need to pay 1500 Rupees for the Jio Phone 1 including all the feature. You can buy it for reviews or unboxing videos, you cannot use it as your primary phone because of the Qwerty keypad which seems not to be comfortable for everyone. A device hits the market, catch the audience’s eye whenever it’s affordable & comfortable for everyone but in terms of quality & pricing it cannot fulfil that level of expectation.

In fact, this can be a time pass thing for you idle time only as you cannot eat up all your Data through this phone (up to 1.5GB) neither you can share your Internet Data through Hotspot as it’s nowhere available in both of device. People still intend to buy Jio Phone for its offers, Yes, Reliance Jio puts some very low priced unlimited voice & internet offer for this particular device which usually interacts people to buy this phone to have less monthly expenses on mobile.

The Verdict

Above I have put all the reasons that how you can be cheated buying a limited feature phone with the price of about 3 thousand. Jio Phone 1 was good & as well as Jio Phone 2 is also good but not a 2,999 Rupees phone, which is an excessive amount.

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