Why Shouldn’t You Use Two Antivirus on One PC?


hey, guys what’s up? Today’s topic is pretty funny but useful. I have seen so many people trust using two antiviruses may increase the security of your PC or any device. But in reality, it never happens rather it makes your device super slow and laggy. This topic is not for only PC user instead of Android users too. It can happen to both of the devices. So today I will discuss this how it affects or may cause damage to your hard disk.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Two Antivirus on One PC?

So there are several things happens when you install two or more antiviruses on your device. If you think one antivirus is not enough or lack in some particular job & thinking of having another one, might put another security layer on your device then you are superbly wrong. Such a thing never happens as I am giving you some basic idea that how it can be affected. Before we start I will discuss how does an antivirus work on any system. So let’s get started.

1. How does an antivirus work on a system?

So there are so many antiviruses available for different systems. Antivirus actually works as a guard on devices like every file have to take permission from the guard or the antivirus to pass through. If the file is good for your PC or device health then antivirus give access or if it is any kind of trojan or malware then it takes action instantly to quarantine that file. Some of the antiviruses delete any detected malware & some of them keeps in quarantine list. Next time you can recover if any unwanted file quarantined & this feature is available on some numbers of antiviruses.


Antivirus ultimately secure any file input into your machine. It stands as a guard on every entry point of your system. There are lots of entry point on a machine might be like downloading a file, incoming emails, transfer & receiving a file through Bluetooth or wifi & USB Drive. So antivirus stays always alert for any incoming file from any entry point if it suspicious or dangerous for your machine.

Some Antiviruses has real-time protection which deeply secures your every access on your PC. Like you are doing some stuff with the file explorer & antiviruses track every step of your file accessing if there any virus or malware or not. As an example, I have seen so many people using pirated windows operating system & every pirated Window expire after a time. People used to activate windows through some kind of software which are actually a trojan. I also did when I newly bought my PC and after a while, my windows expired & I used this malware injected software to activate my software. After some days my hard disk got damaged fully & I bought another new one.

So I think now you can expect what a malware or virus can do with your system. Ensuring Security is the most important thing whenever you are using an operating system like Windows or Android.

2. Effects of using Two or More Antivirus

Finally, I have discussed the working factor of an antivirus & how it protects your system every second. Now to clear about using two different antiviruses in one machine & how it can be a reason to damage your computer. What happens with your PC?  Let’s check out.

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  • I have mentioned above some formula of an antivirus. Now if you are using two antiviruses then both of the antiviruses will do the same job as I have mentioned above. Like both of them will catch every input file from any entry point of your pc to scan it. Both of the antiviruses will instantly scan every downloaded file on your pc. Eventually, both of the antiviruses will start fighting each other. Thus what happens is your pc resource will gradually high up. You could see the CPU usage reached 100% & you cannot even move your mouse pointer if you have a medium specs PC.
  • If you are using a medium specs pc like 4GB RAM with Pentium Processor or i3 Processor then what happens is both of antiviruses will eat up 70-80% of your RAM & never let you do any other stuff like browsing, photo editing or else. I mean your PC will become super slow and hang a lot. If you don’t want this to happen with your PC don’t be misinformed enhancing your pc performance using two antiviruses.
  • The craziest moment is when you download a virus. What happens? Both of antivirus will catch it & show warning or put it in quarantine list. Now one antivirus put in quarantine and another one will detect it & put it in his quarantine list. Now the first one again shows you a warning and move it to his bucket. Thus both of the antiviruses will be fighting moving virus from other one’s bucket (Quarantine List) to its quarantine list & Your CPU resource waste & waste.


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  • So the last thing is also funny. An antivirus & a malware is equal to some point like both of them make guard on every entry point of your pc. A malware also reaches every entry point of your pc to damage & your antivirus also do it just to protect you. So whenever one antivirus tries to reach up to the entry level and then another will like “this stuff is trying to do something illegal” & detect it as malware. Another one will do the same & fight starts again.
  • Now If you are using antivirus which doesn’t feature a particular protection then like if you are using an antivirus which has not USB scanner then you can have a USB scanner installed on your system, not another antivirus. Moreover, you should purchase your operating system from the developer which is more secured instead of using pirated one.

The Verdict

So I hope you understand how two antiviruses can damage your pc eating up all the CPU resources, RAM. You should have only one antivirus instead of using more which is not probably good for your pc health. There is some paid antivirus & also free antivirus is available. Paid antiviruses are much protected than the free version. There are also some free antiviruses available which are also used to be good as well as you can check out.

Hence, thanks for sticking with my line for any queries you can comment below.

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[…] Also, Check out Why Shouldn’t You Use Two Antivirus on One PC? […]


[…] Also, Check Out Why Shouldn’t You Use Two Antivirus on One PC? […]