Why The Battery of Your Android is Draining Fast?

Android Battery Draining Problem

Hey Guys. Whassup! Today I am going to talk about the battery draining issue of an Android Phone. This used to be the most common problem that every android user face before. Meanwhile, every Android phone is coming with Big battery and Smaller nanometer processor. Nowadays Android is heating so much as well & battery started draining super fast. It doesn’t seem to have a 4000mAh battery as it reaching the ultimate level fast. what’s the reason behind it or what are we making mistakes or why is this happening? So let’s find out the answer of every question.

Why is The Battery of Your Android is Draining Fast?

So there are several reasons of draining your battery but let’s talk about the most equivalent one.

1. Virus/Malware

Yes, we often visit some malicious sites & we even never realise what happens with our device at that time. We can get so many free apps, movies, music from 3rd party websites without paying anything as we have to pay to get it from play store. So these actions are not good probably if you want to stay secure & save your battery.

People often visit many porn websites & these are the main source of spreading malware. If you do watch porn then you can experience so many undoing reasons like the automatic opening window or started downloading something else Apk file(if you are on Android) & some other stuff. So if you become a victim of a Hacker by downloading or installing some malicious file from these affected websites then you are to hand over your data to him. It happened with so many users.

Some of Windows user search for the crack file of any software which is paid. Like if we talk about Internet Download Manager (IDM). This is used by every PC users (Probably 95%) & after 30 days of fresh installation it expired. Meanwhile to continue people are using Crack file of IDM which is superly worst for any computer’s health. You can watch out so many videos on youtube to crack internet download manager & while cracking they say to disable antivirus. This is what the logic is.

How Virus Effect on Battery Life?

So above I just end up with the discussion of virus and malware that how it can appear in your device. Now the Question is how it effects on Battery’s health?

Hope you still understand that the job of a virus or malware is stealing your potential or damage your device. Malware is manually maintained by the hacker who spread it through the internet & somehow it comes into your device.

Android Battery Draining Problem

If you are the victim then your data is passing through the internet to the hacker’s server machine. At that moment your device will eat lots of internet & CPU usage & will work slow. Thus your battery will start draining even if your device is in idle. You will face laggy GUI (Graphical User Interface), high load time and heating issue.

You think your device is on idle then what’s wrong with this? Keep your eyes open & never blame manufacture for all the time. Sometimes it’s because of you to drain your battery faster & other problems.

2. Frequently Used Apps

The 2nd thing is common & everyone talks about it. Of course, so many apps can also ruin your battery life. If you have tons of apps on your device & your battery is draining fast then it also might be the reason for the apps. lots of apps junk the RAM & their process runs automatically which eats up your space also your battery. So here is the solution is to uninstall all the frequently used apps and fresh up your phone’s health.

Now if your question is “I have so many apps installed on my phone & I use all of them. What’s the solution for me?”

Well, there is also a solution for these genius that you guys can install App Cloner From Playstore and freeze your apps which are eating high resource of your device. Now, what is freezing your app? Well, Freezing your app is just to freeze it without deleting it’s data & cache file. Cool ya?

Of course cool for these people who want all the app installed and also save battery. So you can just freeze your app whenever you want and also retrieve whenever you want. The best thing is Freezing any app won’t appear on the menu and also won’t delete your data & cache file for it.

Android Battery Draining Problem

3. Messenger & Facebook Eat Up Battery

Yes maybe you don’t know but messenger and facebook app for Android eats up so many resource and battery as it runs always in the background. As an example, you can see when you turn on your internet connection any unread message pop up from the messenger. Messenger always run in the background and thus it eats so many of battery power. As Messenger is a daily used app, there is no other way to avoid these.

The Verdict

So above I talked about all the possible reason of battery draining. There is some more reason which drains your battery like screen idle. Android Screen also takes lots of battery charge. If you have any query or feel anything missing then you can comment below & I will include in the next Article.

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