Why to Root Android Smartphone – The Pros & Cons

root android smartphone

Most of the guys know about Android Root like how these works whats the pros and cons of Android Root everything. This is what the topic is for today to discuss Android Rooting in detail. So we will cover all the thing you need to know about before rooting your Android device. As I have already discussed how to root android except that part I will discuss further. So let’s get started.

What is the Root Actually?

So before I talk further you need to know about what the root is actually? Well, Rooting is nothing just to get the privilege of your whole Android system. As an example, if you are using a computer or laptop with the guest account then you can just surf the internet, watching movies, listening to music etc. But you cannot change any system setting from the control panel because you don’t have the Administrator right to do it. That is what the root is just to unlock the administrator right and control your whole android system manually. You can customize your system, uninstall bloatware (Pre-Installed Apps) and also you can flash your ROM.

root android

Why Should You Root Android?

Well, before you root your Android you have to know why should you do that? What are the features you will have after rooting? Well, these are all the thing you can do.

  • You can customize your Android UI
  • Flash custom ROM
  • Have a control on Battery draining
  • Uninstall the bloatware
  • Hack in-app purchase in game
  • You will lose your device warranty

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Why Should Not You Root Android?

Well If you don’t want to lose your smartphone warranty then you must stay away from rooting your device. But after rooting your device, you can unroot it too & you can gain your warranty back. As I rooted my phone previously and there was an issue with the sim card, always shows no sim card. Service centre repaired my device without checking if my device rooted or not. So here are some reasons that you should not root your android phone.

  • Void your smartphone’s warranty
  • Break the security
  • Hardware can be damaged
  • virus/malware get access any part of your device
  • your smartphone may be hacked easily

How to Root My Android?

I already posted an article about rooting apps which are used to root your Android. You just don’t need any PC or Laptop to perform root. You can simply do using some Apps. Here you can check out these apps.

Remember these apps are not available on play store. You have to download these apps from their official website. Go & check out you will find the download link. Here a video you can also check out.

The Verdict

Above I discussed the Android rooting, you should do or not. So if you have any security issue or you do some critical job on your smartphone then I will recommend not to root your android as it may bring some major problem or damage your phone’s hardware if there any interruption while rooting. Hence if you still interested to perform root then be serious take your time and go for it. Root is not always easy if it goes wrong.

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