PUBG Mobile New Update – Zombie, Rickshaw & MK47 Added

PUBG Mobile is yet again coming with another new update with a bunch of other stuff. As Recently PUBG Mobile has launched Vikendi Global Map for the gamers and now they are all set to bring another update. The new update will feature Zombie mode which will be launched in co-operation with the Resident Evil franchise. Also, the news is coming that the new update is coming with another new gun MK47 rifle with another death cam feature. Rather there are a lot of rumours is spreading through the internet about the new update.

PUBG Mobile New Update – Zombie, Rickshaw & MK47 Added

Tencent hasn’t made any official announcement for the initial date of releasing the new update but the update is supposed to launch on 25th January or later. Also, there are some several new features is coming with the update.

Zombie Mode, MK47 Gun & Vehicle

Based on the rumours the highly anticipated zombie mode is coming to the very next PUBG Mobile Update. Zombie Mode will be available on the Arcade Section of the Game and zombies will appear in the middle of the game.

New guns are announced to make it in this update. New gun MK47 will use the 7.62mm bullet which is same as AKM and M762. It offers auto and burst fire and it has a 20 round magazine.

A couple of new vehicles are expected to come with the new update. Tencent is also working on driving mode to make it more realistic as possible. New vehicle named Tukshai like the tuk-tuk vehicle in south Asia will be added in the game.

PUBG Mobile New Update

Vikendi & Erangel Weather

Vikendi map is out a few days ago and it needs more updates. Rumours suggested that dynamic weather to be added to Vikendi and Erangel map and night mode is also coming out for vikendi map. Since Erangel is the best one map in PUBG and most popular one. Footprints is coming in next update in Vikendi map. Players can track their enemies through the footprints in the snow.

Finally, if you are excited about the new updates then you don’t need to wait a lot as. The 0.10.5 update is coming soon for the Android and iOS users. The estimated time to launch the new update is 25th January or before.

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