PUBG vs Clash of Clans – The Epic Reality

Clash of Clans vs PUBG

Hy folks! What’s up! Today it’s about PUBG vs Clash of Clans. “Well, Whats? Are you f**king Idiot?” it seems like this to many of readers but this is the fact. But people are fighting with this. There are lots of videos on youtube related to this topic. So I thought to write something on this topic as currently, I am running out of niche topic. Hence, let’s get into the discussion.

PUBG vs Clash of Clans – The Epic Reality

It seems to be pretty funny that PUBG is a totally different type of game & Clash of Clans also is a completely different type of game. So comparing these two games are pretty funny & awkward thing. Since people are talking & challenging each other with these topics so it needs to be discussed.

1. Type

So the very first thing is the type which predicts these two games are incomparable. PUBG is a first-person shooting game whereas Clash of Clans is an epic strategic battle game. There are completely two different type of user exist who likes PUBG & Clash of Clans. One gamer who plays FPS (First Person Shooter) game, has a very low chance to play Clash of Clans. The percentage of both players are pretty low.

Clash of Clans vs PUBG

So there should be no question that both games are targeting two completely different type of audience. Literally comparing this two-games is just to show up yourself as a nerd. Stop comparing these.

2. Size

Of course, whenever you talk about PUBG, size always matters. The size of PUBG is about 1.5GB or high but the size of the clash of clans is just 100MB, which is a huge difference. Most the budget Android phones cannot run PUBG as it cannot fill the minimum requirements but it can run Clash of Clans smoothly. You wanna have a high specs Android Device to run PUBG smoothly.

Devices having 2GB of RAM can run PUBG laggy but can load Clash of Clans easily. As in India lots of people use the budget smartphone so PUBG player’s percentage is a little bit lower.

3. Gameplay

Let’s take a look into gameplay. The gameplay of both games is completely different. I already told before that PUBG is an FPS game for Android whereas Clash of Clans is epic strategic battle game.

But one thing is in PUBG you can have voice chatting feature which is another reason of popularity but you cannot have in Clash of Clans. Only you can have text chatting.

Clash of Clans vs PUBG

Finally, the gameplay is completely different in both games, and there is two different type of gamer exist.

4. Popularity

Popularity matters whenever we talk about CoC with another one. Clash of clans is a very old game & so popular over the world. Lots of users are there. PUBG is a new game & launched a few months ago for MOBILE. PUBG was made for Windows before & later it comes for Android. It was launched in earlier 2017 for Windows PC & was not as much popular but after launching Android version it became super famous to people.

CoC is also one of the most popular game. It has over 500 Million Downloads on Playstore.

The Verdict

So finally I have finished talking about both games. One thing I can say PUBG cannot defeat the Clash of Clans. PUBG is a very new game & people are super excited & curious about it. After days & months this will also become bore as CoC is still holding people to play this game.

I personally played both of the games & now I cannot find anymore interest on PUBG but I play Clash of Clans regular. Don’t know how but I like clash of clans more than PUBG. Even I am Windows games and probably play Counter Strike, CoD, Battlefield such games.

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[…] Also, Check out PUBG vs Clash of Clans – The Epic Reality […]


[…] Also, Check out PUBG vs Clash of Clans – The Epic Reality […]