PUBG vs Fortnite – Who will Prevail?

PUBG vs Fortnite

PUBG vs Fortnite is also gonna take place and becoming more complicated after appending against the populous Clas of Clans vs PUBG. So PUBG has gathered wider popularity in Asia than any other continent. You would face off a hard game in Asia map the primary reason of that only a few people play PUBG from America & Europe. In Asian environment, you cannot see a decent amount of bot players in comparison to North America & Europe server. The reason is simply the intensity of human players are heavy in Asia map. Thereby the game pretty difficult against some pawky human players.

So here in this Article, I will be talking about PUBG vs Fortnite game as both of them has boosted up the online gaming platform with a massive amount of gamers. These games have uncovered the epic fascination of Online game and draw the user attraction into it.

PUBG vs Fortnite – Who will Prevail?

End of the day it really doesn’t matter who comes out on the top and grabs the title rather user attraction and opinion will play a role here. Regarding my point of view, I think PUBG is a bit ahead of Fornite for several purposes. There are some multiple complicated reasons for prevailing PUBG.

Fortnite came out in 2017, developed by Epic Games which is an American video game & software development company. Fortnite probably the most successful game by this company & you might be wondering that Fortnite game was released after PUBG in July 2017. But the tweak is Fornite released for multiple platforms (Coming for Android) but PUBG was announced firstly for Windows PC and Xbox Only. Later after 1 year, PUBG Mobile was officially announced for Android and iOS by Tencent Games.

1. Gameplay

Both games have the pretty much same gameplay like the first look is players will be flying over an island & the deathmatch starts by jumping into it & finding out weapons. The first concept is certainly identical for both games. I especially have never played Fornite but I have configured the entire complicated stuff by art working & watching out gameplay.

pubg vs fortnite

One more major difference is Fortnite only offers TPP (Third Person Perspective) mode whereas PUBG fans can smoothly enjoy the FPS mode gameplay. A lot of Gamers love playing in FPS mode as it is the conventional theory to uncover the core gaming experience.

Fortnite usually has a 100v1 solo feature that player needs to survive against 99 enemies in a mini death zone which continues to shrink. Unlike PUBG has the solo, duo (2 players) & squad (4 players) feature to make your team mighty in the death zone. At a certain moment, you can even share your game with friends.

There is construction feature in Fortnite which allows players building an instant random skyscraper architecture to defend the enemies. Eventually, It avails players more advantage aiming their enemies from the skyscraper in a tiny play zone. But at the end, every building collapses in Fortnite if by hitting them. Fortnite is preferred game having such a feature which is never required in realistic PUBG.

Fortnite has recently released Battle Pass which is an epic method of Battle that players can earn reward by attending the exclusive challenges in certain game thresholds. Following up the recent tweet they have officially announced the Battle Pass.

2. Graphics

Graphics has played a major role here & it splits both games into different columns. PUBG is built with some absolute realistic graphics on unreal engine platform (Fortnite is also on Unreal Engine) whereas the battleground, model and everything on Fortnite looks so cartoonish and unrealistic.

pubg vs fortnite

It really doesn’t matter the graphics since users are playing and enjoying Fortnite a lot as twitch shows the largest number of streamers for this game. The material of PUBG is realistically inspired by some random physical places of the world. The realistic environment made with extreme 3D graphics puts you more energy to be into the game.

3. Stability

There we made up some genuine points to differentiate by graphics and gameplay. Now let’s have a vision through stability to both games. Fornite amazingly proves far better stability than PUBG. PUBG Mobile occasionally lags so much and crash sometimes (a lot in the PC version). It usually happens when a massive amount of players junk into the server together. High-speed internet never goes for smooth gameplay if the latency (Ping) is high enough. This supposes to occur as a significant issue for the PUBG Mobile Lovers

At this certain stage, Fortnite gears up their users by presenting reliable and ideal gameplay without any type of lag. Thus you can enjoy the gameplay with the highest FPS.

4. Map

One more thing which might not have composed but it specifically creates certain differences. The map of both games is completely different in terms of size, materials, and textures. PUBG has a total 4 Maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi) which is a great thing for users putting multiple alternatives. Users can easily go out for any as per their preferred map. Finally, if you are bored of playing Erangel you can switch to any between four maps.

pubg vs fortnite

Apart from the PUBG, there is only one Map is available for the Fornite where you can have no options. Fortnite players would dream of a 2nd Map but that update is still uncertain. The awaited anticipation would be longer than what expected. Initial release of 2nd map of Fortnite would stand against PUBG in terms of popularity. Thus this battle would have gone far and PUBG would bow down in front of Fortnite.

Why is PUBG vs Fortnite?

Why is pubg vs fortnite that must be one of the significant question. But I have to consider one thing that Fortnite is still productive in terms of stability and gameplay. Another most important thing which simplifies Fortnite staying in front of PUBG always. Of course, the Price of both games plays an efficient role. Fortnite is freely available on Steam whereas you do have to pay $30 to purchase PUBG PC. Thus the worthiness creates an effective difference between these two games.

Fortnite is much more worthy regarding its cost which is zero. Thereby PUBG is to be more stable and bug fixed as it costs a valuable amount.

Hence free Fortnite wins always in terms of flexibility and stability. If you are finding for a battleground game without spending a single buck, Fortnite is preferred for you. At the end of this article, it really doesn’t matter the prevalence of PUBG vs Fortnite.

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