Reason Behind Unavailability of Whatsapp For PC

whatsapp for pc

Why is not available Whatsapp for PC? So WhatsApp has gathered up wider popularity throughout India. Almost every people do have a WhatsApp account and its super popular throughout all Android and iOS devices. Few things still hold Whatsapp staying active in the market. It is having some smart features with native looks. It’s just a simple chat application providing some best usability to users. On the security purpose, It encrypts the entire chat data between users and claims security level end-to-end. Thus it turns to be one of the conventional and trusted application in India.

But one question still remains why is it not available for PC? Since Windows (except Windows Phone) is a very productive operative system and it’s very hard to evaluate the numbers of its users. So there is to be a specific reason behind that and it is. So lets deep into the discussion.

Reason Behind Unavailability of Whatsapp For PC

Firstly, you see WhatsApp highly maintains the privacy of their users and they are very concern about that. Once the Indian government tends to track the WhatsApp chat data to possibly espy the users chat habits. But WhatsApp empowers over Indian Govt. granting the freedom of privacy with end-to-end encryption to users. Thus Facebook based WhatsApp proofs their accountability preserving user data secure.

Apart from the personal usage, WhatsApp is used as govt. based helpdesk officially in India. Millions of people prefer it as the main chatroom transferring files and data securely. So there it should have to ensure the maximum security and it is.

whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp login never requires for the Username or Password which could be vulnerable. To log into your account it always requires for One Time Password (OTP) which cannot be cracked anyway. WhatsApp separately targets only Mobile user who holds a valid mobile number. Unlike Mobile users, a PC never ensures having a valid mobile number (Very Rare) so user security depends on a different device where the Sim card exists. Thus Your WhatsApp security can be stolen if you lose your device.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a web-based client which simply mirrors your data on your desktop browser. Your conversation & data file is still live on your phone and you can operate it through your PC browser. It never requires to log in separately. Just you wanna go to WhatsApp Web -> Scan the QR Code and It goes live on your browser.

whatsapp for pc

Thus people can manage his chats and data files from PC browser simultaneously. A single WhatsApp account cannot be logged in through two different devices. This adds another layer of security. So if there any WhatsApp application founds on Windows 10 store is based on WhatsApp Web. Nothing special or Official because It hasn’t built yet for PC.

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