Samsung Galaxy S10+ 5G Variant Unfolded

Samsung S10 Specs

Samsung’s most advanced Samsung Galaxy S10+ is very soon to be on your hand. Its been 7 years since 4G has launched in India & in 2019 5G is going to launch as well. Most of the smartphone brands announced that they have started making 5G smartphones & in this race, Samsung has also joined to bring their next edition after Galaxy S9+. Samsung reveals out the 5G concept in Qualcomm Tech Summit in Hawaii. Over the last few weeks, there are some numerous leaks and rumors around Samsung Galaxy S10+ is ongoing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Still, All the features are yet to reveal but S10+ will be coming with a total 5 cameras, 2 selfie camera, and 3 rear cameras. One of them is 16 Megapixel, 13 megapixels with the telephoto sensor and 12 megapixels with a wide angle sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ looks super attractive and the back panel is transparent which means all the inner hardware parts can be spectated through outside. This device is not coming with any notch rather there is a hole which assigns the front camera on the screen. Pretty much weird stuff Samsung is bringing in Galaxy S10+ but its gonna looks super cool and awesome.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is coming with some different screen size for the different variants. As you can see the picture below S10 Lite comes with 5.8 Inch, S10 is 6.1 Inch and S10+ is 6.4 Inch. In terms of Display Notch Samsung is way more behind than Apple, as they have introduced S10’s front camera with the display itself & there is no any special upper space for the front camera has taken.

The device comes with 8GB RAM with another option of 12GB. A reasonable move for Samsung after 6GB and 8GB RAM on Note 9. Battery size is something different than other devices. Big battery and Snapdragon 855 can be seen on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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