WhatsApp New Updates – Whats New Features?

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Hy guys in this article I will be talking about the new & latest update of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is planning something new to bring in their next update. Age of WhatsApp is so near to 5 years & after the very next update, we will see some major difference in it.

WhatsApp New Updates – Whats New Features?

So the very first thing is this app invented Brian Acton in 2009 and later in 2013 it was sold to Facebook for billion dollars. Its been 4 years Facebook is handling WhatsApp. In 2019 the 5 years deal is going to end and Facebook will manage this app personally according to their choice.

Before WhatsApp is going to be ad-free even also still it is but no longer will be. WhatsApp is very serious about the Privacy and chat messages are end to end encrypted. As if you send any message to your friend then only you & your friend only able to read that, in middle none can decode it or read it. Govt. also even cannot read this. Very recent Indian Govt. intends to trace out WhatsApp messages to knock down the criminals anyway WhatsApp ignores it for any glitch in privacy. Because tracing any message is to break the encryption & it’s against their privacy.

WhatsApp Updates in 2019

So in February 2019, WhatsApp is bringing some new update which seems not to be good for users. This app will no longer be ad-free, Facebook is going to show ads from their next update. Its been 5 years Facebook promised to keep WhatsApp ad-free and the 5 years is going to end in this February 2019. Facebook is going to show users targeted ads.

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Now the question is whats targeted ads? Well, we often search for something to buy on e-commerce website like Amazon. You searched for Graphics Card, DSLR or Dress anything your system will trace your activity & note down your search queries through browser cookie. Later you visit any website ads will visible related to your recently search data or cookie. These are called targeted ads. These targeted ads will appear in WhatsApp.

So This will also trace your phone number & show ads to your WP friends too. It means your privacy may affect as end to end encryption will also be affected. Later you can be asked for the age or other stuff while registering on WhatsApp as currently, it doesn’t require to sign up.

Finally, it seems to very bad news as this app might not be secure as it is now.

Also, some more updates are there coming like PIP which stands for Picture in Picture. Whenever you play any WhatsApp video it starts playing with the default media player but after the next update, these videos can be played in a small chat window & it seems to be pretty cool. Also, for video call, you will have a small window & same time you can text & video call too.

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New Emoji & Dark Theme

One more update is new emojis are coming. You can notice in telegram there are so many emojis but WP has only some stickers. In the next update, you will have an emoji pack which is a good sign. I even personally like emojis more than stickers. Put your thoughts on comments below, I would like to know about.

Also, the news is coming that WhatsApp is bringing the Dark theme to protect your eyes from the light in the night. This one also a good sign too. It can be pretty cool even. Now just to wait & see till coming to the next update.

The Verdict

At least hope you have got some good thing & some bad thing. Until the next update comes we can not guarantee any of this as sometimes it happens. Some company declares something about a phone or update later they launch some another thing. So not sure about this.

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